about Gloria Terreur

I am a certified makeup-artist and estethician  working in the industry since beginning of 2000. Specialized in next generation skincare with molecular  bioceutics and mineral makeup. I am constantly educating myself and go to trainings, seminars and courses.  I have various certificates, Cidesco International 2005, Natinuel bioceutica and Mineral Makeup Specialist are most important for me.

I’m born in Tallinn, Estonia in '83, moved to Finland with family in '93. I don’t really care about nationalities, borders, governments, politics, news and other human fabricated fake things. In my world it’s all about LOVE. We are here to only enjoy this human experience. I meditate. I try to eat karma-free food. I try to be everyday better than I was yesterday because I am my only competition. I love nature, travelling, reading, writing.. My passion as profession is beauty and I LOVE my job! I love my clients, who bring me so much joy !  I love to share my positivity with the whole world! Dedicated to my work 200%.

Here you find my portfolio and other stuff whats going on in Miss Terreurs L I F E    :) 


  • Ingredients in Cosmetics Trainigs (basic INCI reading instructions for clients)
  • MicaBeauty Mineral makeup Trainings ( for clients & PRO)
  • Bioceutica (molecular bioceutics) Trainings (for PRO)
  • Natinuel Proffesional Trainings (for PRO)


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Went island hopping in Thailand for three weeks on January 3rd 2018. I'm still here... I am gone for an adventure.. Wish me luck and follow my blog & vlog :) It's ALL ABOUT LOVE <3

About Natinuel Bioceutical skincare

Natinuel line, dedicated to the care and skin health, is based on the latest research and innovations in dermatology and a consolidated experience in aesthetic sector gained by a selected and leading team.

A fundamental characteristic of Natinuel is to represent an ideal “bridge” between medicine and aesthetic, made possible by overcoming the now obsolete concept of cosmetics and opening a new frontier with the introduction in the field of aesthetic Molecular Bioceutics.

Any product, for professional or home care , incorporates a number of active ingredients, selected to act synergistically and specifically on the various skin problems. Natinuel obtained recognition from A.M.I.A.- Italian Association of Doctors Antiaging.

Molecular Bioceutics, the perfect fusion of science and biotechnology.

In Natinuel one can find the perfect synergy between science and advanced bio-technologies.
Each product in this line was treated in detail both in its structure and in its characteristic of bio-activity.
Its field application is complete: the skin in its structural complexity:
NATINUEL is also the first brand in the market of beauty introducing the concept of interactivity: a real action of SKIN BIO-MICRO-SURGERY working on all the structural elements that determine the aesthetic parameters for a real biological rejuvenation and restructuring.
“I believe that a true professional in the field of cosmetics is the one who keeps abreast of the changes in today’s skin care and whose greatest asset is its customers!”
Dr.Guido Cappare (Italy)
Dermatologist, AMIA – Italian Doctors Association of Aesthetics Department Manager